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Capital Acquisition & Strategic Partnerships 

In addition to the technical and consulting expertise we offer a select group of clients help with funding their digital transformation initiatives through our VC and PE partners. Alternatively, forging strategic partnerships with companies in adjacent sectors and bundling complementary products or solutions for mutual market expansion or stronger product offerings - is a great way to mitigate the expansion capital gap.

In the following case study, our client - an European start up with cutting-edge B2B technology, enabling a complete, end-to-end remote customer engagement workflow solution with a strong video customer identification capabilities - was looking for capital injection to establish operations in the US market. The company found it rather difficult to gain traction from the US-focused investors, in spite of the company's substantial customer base in Europe, and approached us for help.

G10Tech designed a “market swap” strategy involving strategic partnership with a leading provider of electronic signatures solution seeking an expansion into the European markets and whose core product offering was a great fit with our client’s technology. Besides the obvious mutual economic benefits of the “market swap”, the cross-embedding of two different ways of customer identification would substantially increase the level of remote transactions security and boost their clients’ confidence and the technology acceptance rate.   

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