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Corporate Governance

    Corporate governance has been a hot topic for quite some time with the discourse ranging from a greater diversity to the new ways of building more efficient and effective boards to meet new challenges of modern economy. We have tackled this problem from a more practical angle by creating an application that helps to match the right professionals from the C-suite to the right corporate boards. 
Key coolness of the app:
  • Automated Data Extraction : we used IBM Watson’s AlchemyLanguage™ superior machine learning capabilities to extract and organize natural language data from unstructured SEC corporate filings. Extracted data includes board's rules and regulations, individual directors and officers demographic and professional information and key business statistics. Benefits: Dramatic cost reduction; Increased data integrity; Near real-time 'refresh' rate to ensure data veracity
  • Automated Matching: with a click of a button the system matches candidates to the best fitting boards thanks to our predictive analytics model which analyses a wide range of variables to predict a vacancy and create a perfect match. The system identifies 'gaps' - from diversity to the skills sets - compares industry and sector peer-group statistics and calculates corporate governance scores. Benefits: Significant decrease in research and due diligence time; Quick target acquisition; Superior 'gap analysis'-based fit; Faster candidates placements
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