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IBM Watson and Talent Management

Similar to the BaaP concept, Talent Management solution is a an AI application designed to create bi-directional dynamic "pipeline" in the global job market.

"Bi-Directional" because the information flows in two ways: from the source of employment to the source of talent and back. This an ambitious undertaking since our goal is to anticipate the demand and ensure quality and timely supply in the job market even before there is an actual job vacancy available.

Jobs.AI is a pro-active approach to recruiting and job seeking - our platform scans the job market landscape to collect data from individual companies, federal and state agencies, job boards, recruiting firms, economic and business statistics publications, research papers, other publicly and privately available sources  to collect employment data in real time. After the information is collected and analyzed, the system predicts and projects the employment trends by job function on an industry, sector or individual company level. 

The platform will then identify a pool of potential candidates and provide HR departments with a pipeline of quality professionals, pre-screened and verified though our proprietary methodology. The key to success is in collecting and analyzing data from over 250 social networks, professianal blogs, job boards and extensive surveys to produce a complete professional and personality profiles of the candidates. 



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